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You be my offbeat

Fck you, JC! 👊

Lunch with Haruki

Gute nacht! ✨

23rd!!! @zombieebears 😘😄💋 #coolkids #hailMADTA 🙌 (at Cable Car - Tomas Morato)

Best way to treat a hangover. (at Cable Car - Tomas Morato)

Jay and I (we have no pic together 😔 @zombieebears ) were secretly hoping that Deluge be moved (again), #selfish but we both wanna be there at the same time! Sorry naaaa, at least we’re all having a blast last night… In spirit haha #TestofFriendship 😛 good job, Titans! 🙌 @mendezcharles @annadonats @badsbadzmaru @greatan #Deluge2014 #NeverlandManila2014

Hey there, homeboy! 😉 #NeverlandManila2014 #dreamchasers

Forever on a hangover. 🙌👊 #NeverlandManila2014 #dreamchasers

FAKIT. #NeverlandManila2014 #Afrojack

Pre-game baby! @therainamaala #NeverlandManila2014

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I got kilig this early. Hihi #happykid 😱😆👌 (at Intellicare)

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It's not easy to be me. ;)

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