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You be my offbeat

No hulas kind of arrive. First time to try anne-curtis-red lippie, and I’m feeling her. Thanking my sponsor: Kulas Merchandise, you should try it too from @iamnene_b hahaha char. #pagod #OTgirl #trafficpa #pakisskaykulas should i use this more often, abiduck? 🐣 @abigaelparaiso #daldal #shamelessplug #happybirthdayju


Here I am and here I wait
You said no time you said no date
I don’t know when I don’t know where
Will it be weather foul or weather fair?

So here I’ll sit and here I’ll stay,
When you say soon can you mean today?






war kills people from the inside out sometimes

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.”

i think i’ve posted this before but it’s so powerful

reblog every time

woah ..

"Writing isn’t the same as speaking, I struggle with conversation."

Alex Turner  (via cuula)

I want to read. And read something after that, and more after that. And read endlessly. To learn something new everyday. Reading takes me to places I will never be, and will show me graphics I will never lay my eyes upon. It will also open my heart to endless possibilities. Like maybe, love. Therefore let me read, maybe in that sense, I may learn to do it again.

Not July without you, but medschool is well… what it is. Happy birthday! 💋💋💋

Take your shoes off, let your hair down, go berzerk all night long 🎶💅👠

Happy birthday Charlie baby! Look how your face lit up whenever I’m around. Nyahaha 😸😘 (at ReHub Grillery + Bar)

So apparently it was a crazy monday for me. I was struggling late already, but I still wanna make myself up, have breakfast and also attend to some minor health issues of my mother. I then ran outside and hopped in to a cab immediately.

The driver was cursing all throughout the ride for it was 1) Traffic, 2) asshole drivers on the road and 3) stoplights, well maybe because it is also 1) Monday, 2) classes resumed 3) it’s from QC to Makati!! Thanking the King of the North (#mema #memasabi haha) that I have my book (Eleanor and Park by R. Rowell) with me so I was kinda peaceful during the ride.

It still caught me on surprise when I arrived late. Since I am 10mins away from 2 blocks of my office, but oh well.. Ayala. *roll eyes* Horay! I was 15 minutes late!

I was trying to keep my cool when my tooth starts aching minimally. While the entire office is scrambling down to last minute preparations for our assembly to be held about half a mile away, that means we are not allowed to miss the simplest things. Luckily, we haven’t missed any, and despite the unorganized secretariat we were still able to pull off our posts. Had lunch late, and still my luck, the food was heaven. ~~

Until the time of assembly came to an end, me and my colleagues decided to call it a day. Quick bonding and ice cream before going straight home.

Who said I was going home straight? Decided to drop by Trinoma, and with all the luck (from all the craziness) I have for this day, they are still on sale! The people were not on fire anymore; I’m assuming that because it is a weekday, particularly a Monday aaaaand it’s past payday! Lol =))

So I am ending this blog with two words to sum up my day: Michael Antonio’s.

xx k 💋


The Bond way. #9gag

'Coz if you find a single diamond in the rough, then it's worth it. ✨

It's not easy to be me. ;)

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