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You be my offbeat

Bonjour! Mabuhay! Happy Easter! 💚💛💚 #420 (at Sofitel Lobby)

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Channing Tatum would never treat me this way. #thoughtcatalog #AllMenMustKnow

at Sunset Bar

Very Berry Aftie 💋 (at IHOP)

It’s a metaphor, see?





Louboutin doin his thang

bow down.

Wow this is amaizing! ❤️

Facetime at the wee hours with these clingy and demanding boys! Antok na ko, lechhhh @bOgzbugin @zombieebears @adriandeala #Gavina and #Pio the marketeer F.

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This one’s for all the absentees. @heidi_lou @preciousgalicia @badetlupac @ludorothy @ogiedogieeee @mendezcharles @tedmatthew 🍔🍟🍴 (at UP Town Center)

Multimedia Arts Festival 2014 #DLS-CSB (at SMX Convention Center Halls 1 & 2)

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Oh that’s cool so I can crack the sides as well.

That’s great.

great idea, but if executed poorly this will be the greatest design flaw for the iPhone 6.

How the hell are you going to use the side panel effectively if you need to look at it to be sure you’re tapping the right buttons. I personally think that physical buttons are better for these tiny spaces. It’s too much of a hassle to be always turning your phone sideways and it looks stupid. Being touch sensitive, the user might just end up tapping random buttons…and nobody wants to be playing music accidentally or suddenly tweeting random letters right?

and I agree with the comment above…that’s a whole new part to crack hahaha

It's not easy to be me. ;)

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